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General Questions:

Q. What is the difference between a 4 star hotel and a 4 star B&B guest house and what does silver award mean?

A. A very good question but not a simple one. Very basically, hotels have to provide a different range of services and facilities, and more especially, meals other than breakfast with room service if required. It is also expected that there will always be a member of staff on site and on duty 24 hrs a day. B&B guest houses tend to be smaller with less extensive facilities, but with the same standards of food and cleanliness. Our silver award reflects us exceeding the requirements of our 4 star rating mainly in terms of our presentation and level of service.

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Q. Do you have proper car parking?

A. Yes, we have a proper car park at the side of the house. Each room is entitled to one car parking space. Your car or motorcycle will be accessible at any time of the night or day. If you have a vehicle larger than a car it may not be possible to use the car park or only on certain days relative to the number of other guests’ vehicles present. Parking on the road outside is unrestricted.

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Q. Do you have a manager and staff?

A. No, we do not. We do have people to help with the cleaning and servicing of rooms for an hour or two each day. Other than that we do everything else ourselves.

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Q. Why do you not accommodate children under 5 years of age?

A. For the sake of other residents comfort we expect children to be well behaved and reasonably quiet. Experience suggests that younger children are least likely to maintain this regime.

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Q. Can we squeeze an extra person in our room or have a child sleep with us in our double room?

A. No. We are limited by health and safety and fire regulations as to the number of people we may accommodate at any one time. We cannot have more guests than our number of registered bed spaces allow.

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Q. Do you do evening meals?

A. We do not. We do not have an alcohol licence either. Within 10 or 15 minutes walk of our house there are many cafes and restaurants of all kinds.

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Q. Do you have Wi-Fi Internet access?

A. Yes we do. Free Wi-Fi broadband Internet access is available in all guest bedrooms as well as our dining room area.

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Q. Do I need to bring towels?

A. No. We supply different coloured hand and bath towels for each person, which are changed regularly if you are staying for a longer period

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Q. I have allergies to house dust, pets and some foods. Will I be ok?

A. Subject to your level of allergy we cannot give absolute assurances, however we do maintain a very high standard of daily housekeeping and cleaning with attention to high level and under furniture. Apart from our cotton sheets, all our bedding is made from artificial fibre and where appropriate protectors are used.

We do not keep pets and do not allow animals in our rooms.

If necessary, food can be prepared separately and with advanced notice, special diets can be catered for. Many people bring small components of their special diet with them.

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Q. I am not completely fit and able can you accommodate me?

A. Please telephone us to discuss your special needs. Our house is not fully adapted for wheelchair use and there are two steps into the house; however we do have a ground floor double room on the same level as our dining room .

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Q. What time is breakfast served?

A. We serve breakfast between 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM.

You are welcome to come to the dining room at any time within that period but of course you are may take as long as you want to sit and enjoy it!

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Q. Do i have to have breakfast?

A. Of course not. However our reservations are normally made on a bed and breakfast basis only. If you choose not to have breakfast while you are here there is no rebate or price reduction.

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Q. What hours may I stay in my room?

A. From the time you take up your room it is yours, you may come and go as you please, however we do need access at some time during the morning to provide our room service even if only to top up consumables.

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Q. Do you take pets?

A. No we do not accept pets

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Bookings & Reservations:

Q. Why have you not replied to my email?

A. We reply to emails as soon as we are able. We do not employ staff and the number of job functions we carry out in any one day prevents us from being able to constantly monitor incoming emails. If the delay is more than a day it is possible, for some reason your mail has been returned, spammed, filtered or just plain lost. If you are on the other side of the world please also remember to allow for the time difference.

In truth emailing is not the most efficient way to make an enquiry or reservation, ideally telephone us – all the relevant information can be passed so much more quickly.

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Q. Why have you not answered my phone call?

A. Simply because we have been unable to, for one of a multitude of reasons.

We do not have a permanently staffed reception like a hotel. If we are away from the house then we normally either set the answering machine or have calls transferred to our cell phone. Given an opportunity please leave a message.

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Q. Can I make a reservation for just one or two nights?

A. The simple answer is yes, however our policy is not to accept short reservations too far ahead or at certain times of the year unless your reservation fits in with other existing bookings. From our point of view doing anything else would result in a high proportion of our limited number of rooms remaining vacant.

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Q. What information do you need from me to make a reservation?

A We need to know the date of arrival, the number of nights you wish to stay, the type of room(s) you require, the number of guests staying, the ages of children if present, any special needs or requirements you may have and how you are travelling. We also require your name, address, telephone number, and either visa or MasterCard card details.

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Q. Do you take large group and / or single sex bookings?

A. Not necessarily, experience has shown it depends very much on your planned activities while you are here. We have to consider the expectations and needs of all our guests; the most obvious is the element of peace and quiet. If you feel that your requirements are not suitable you may prefer to stay elsewhere.

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Q .Why can I not use my Maestro card to make a reservation?

A. This is not our choice! It is within the terms and conditions of your Maestro card contract that you do not use it to reserve a room or hire a car in advance.

In fact using a credit card offers you more protection as a consumer anyway.

You can use any MasterCard or any Visa based card to make your reservation.

When you are here you can settle your account with your Maestro card if you wish.

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Payment & Cancellations:

Q. How do I know my card details are safe when I give them to you?

A. We have to comply with the security standard system run by the card companies. It ensures that all merchants maintain standards that prevent theft of secure information and so prevent fraud. It also indemnifies you against losses in that respect if the merchant is shown to be at fault.

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Q. Will you take payment from my card in advance?

A. We do not normally take payment in advance unless asked to do so, however we may pre-authorise a transaction to establish validity.

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Q. What if I have to cancel all or part of my reservation?

A.  It depends very much on when you cancel.  If you have to cancel, even if it is on the day of arrival, inform us as soon as possible. In line with the various British tourism authorities our policy is to charge for the first night stay, and to make charges appropriate to any losses for the remainder of the booking if we are unable to re-let the room. We suggest you have holiday insurance to cover any eventualities.

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Arrival & Departure

Q. What time can I arrive and check-in?

A.  You may arrive anytime after 10:00 AM by arrangement. We do not do check-in after 9:00 PM (2100 hrs) in the evening other than by prior arrangement. You will be asked at the time of reservation to state your anticipated arrival time or to telephone or email the information prior to the day of arrival. If you are delayed, it is important that you keep us informed. If you do not arrive within two hours of your time or by 9:00 PM (2100 hrs) you may find your room is no longer available.

If you arrive before your room is available for immediate occupation you are still welcome to park your car, check in and take your room  keys.

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Q. What time do I have to leave?

A. Check-out time is 10:00 AM

Q. I have a train or bus to catch later on my departure day, can I leave my bags?

A. Subject to our own arrangements it may be possible to leave your bags and collect them later in the day.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions